The Lipp Saw – A Treasure from the Past

In the past, working wood was an arduous, risky and exhausting business. It was simplified considerably when Leonardo da Vinci invented the Venetian saw together with Venetian wood merchants in the 16th century.

The Lipp Saw, a board saw made of wood on the Brunstbach in Oberolang, worked successfully until 1958, when, after one hundred years of valuable service, it was superseded by technical advances and the rise of band saws.

Waterwheel of the Lipp Saw
Lipp Saw

Since July 2011 the Lipp Saw has adopted a new guise. This disused treasure has been newly restored and reflects the passion and affinity for wood as a material together with the enormous respect for and pride in what is now an idyllic gem on the part of its owner, Uwe Prugger. The Lipp Saw is intended to provide a present-day bridge to the past, offering visitors a glimpse of what was once such an invaluable way of living and working for rural people.